About Bishop derring...

Bishop Derring was Born again as a youth in 1979. Only six short years after Bishop Derring's Born again experience He died and went to Heaven. As a result of complications due to an undiagnosed brain tumor. The Doctors were eventually able to bring Him back to life. Following this life-transforming experience, the Lord God completely healed Bishop through the mighty power of Jesus Christ and His finished work of healing on Calvary.

The LORD called Bishop Derring into the ministry shortly following this miracle. Answering the Lord's call, Bishop Derring has occupied the five-fold ministry office of Teacher Since 1998. Ordained and licensed in 2000. Bishop Earned His Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Carolina University of Theology, as well as a Masters and Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Spirit of Truth Bible Institute in 2007. Serving God with his life since 1979 and in ministry since 1998.

The Founding Bishop of Spirit Fire Ministries. Reverend Derring's, Speaking engagements and Educational outreaches have raised hundreds of Anointed and talented ministers, Christian ministries, and Churches, All of whom are under Spirit Fire Ministries' daily prayers and Spiritual covering. We thank God and give Him ALL the Glory for every single one of these precious people, ministries, and Churches throughout the World.

Bishop Derring is also the Founder and Chief Administrator of the Lion of Judah University, Which offers religious Degrees and opportunities for Ordination through Biblical and Theological studies. With students and Alumni All over the World. An army of faithful and dedicated Ministers and laity have been raised up and equipped to advance the Kingdom of God daily throughout the Earth, with Power and Love.

Finally, Bishop Derring is General Overseer of the North American Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Dedicated to bringing affordable and legal Accreditation to Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and Bible Institutes with schools operating under its Spiritual covering all around the Globe.

for All this, Bishop Derring is honored and humbled that the LORD GOD chose him and entrusted him to serve GOD's precious People in GOD's Kingdom. To Jesus Christ be ALL the Honor, ALL the Praise, and ALL the Glory, AMEN.

Rev.Christopher J.Derring,Th.D