Coursework and Prices...

Bachelor of Biblical Studies

BA-101 Systematic Theology

ba-102 The Divinity of the Bible

ba-103 How We Got Our Bible

ba-104 Hermeneutics

ba-105 Hamartiology

BA-106 Soteriology

BA-107 Pneumatology

Ba-108 Angelology

BA-109 Eschatology

BA-110 Bible Survey

The Suggested Donation for the Bachelor's Program is $295 Dollars

Master of Theology

MA-201 Kingdom Studies

MA-202 Glossolalia How to be filled with the Holy Ghost

MA-203 Walk of the Spirit walk of Power

MA-204 The Believers Authority

MA-205 Faith Studies

MA-206 Divine Healing

MA-207 Directed Thesis

The Suggested Donation for the Masters Program is $295 Dollars

Doctor of Theology

The Th.D. Program requires A Dissertation The completion of an Original written work by the student based upon the Biblical topic the student chooses.

The Suggested Donation for the Doctorate program is $295 Dollars

Honorary Doctor of Divinity

You must be at minimum 30 years old. you must be a Christian. you must have previous education and or ministry experience to qualify for a honorary degree from our school. honorary degrees are awarded or denied upon the application request of the candidate.

the suggested donation for honorary degrees is $99 dollars


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